Make another Switch

 Now that you switched from Tobacco to e-cig to be healthier

How about another switch to be a tiny bit richer and greener?tongue-out

PodRefillClub: Refill your Pods monthly


Great taste, freedom of choice

Enjoy familiar satisfying throat hits while explore new. Thanks to Apollo Future Technologies you will have both. 

Brand new mouthpiece

More sanitary measurement and new mouthpieces to make sure you stay clean and hygienic in our pod refill service.


No leakage. No oily/burnt taste

Well trained stuff use right equipment to sanitize and refill your pods. No leakage. No oily/burnt taste. Enjoy the same hit.



Save up to 65% each month

We’re looking to automate even more of our processes. This means even less costs down the line

How does the rest work?

How sure the throat hit is the same? and how the logistic works?

The flavors that the chemical engineers in our partner Apollo Future Technology lab developed gain quite a popularity. The hit is similar to the original pod. Some say they even better. For only $6.99 includes shipping, you get a trial set of 4 pods + free gifts.
About the logistic process:
A. Choose your flavors and number of pods you smoke per month.
1.  10 days after you receive the trial set, we’ll email you a reminder if you’d like to modify or cancel your plan. Based on your response, we ship new pods with flavors you choose. 
B. Ship back empty pods or not.   
3. We provide pre-paid shipping envelopes. Once you fill out the form inside with your flavors of choice(If you didn’t do online), return the package and we’ll replenish your pods. It’s ok if you do  NOT ship them back. We understand we all are busy so new pods will still be at your doorway on schedule at no extra charge.
4. We will send you a reminder email before each shipping per month. You can modify or cancel your plan anytime. Just log in using your account username we sent you when you made the first order.  

Sounds interesting. Tell me more

Why it is a better choice and how it works exactly?

1. Are the flavers as good as Juul pods?

We use salt nicotine from well know company Apollo Future Technology Inc which dedicated in salt nicotine and CBD variant flavors and e-cig research and development,was founded in 2010 . A lot of customers says Apollo’s salt nicotine taste better. Please search Smoozie review online. (Smoozie is Apollo future’s brand dedicated for Salt Nicotine)

2. What if I am too busy to ship back the empty pods.

Don’t worry. We will still ship you what you choose without extra charge(it saves our labor cost) based on the schedule you choose. For the sake of protecting our environment, we encourage you to ship them back to reuse. However, it is totally fine if you don’t. We are living in a more busy world. 

3. Are they clean, sanitary and no oil leak?

Absolutely. When we refill, we replace your mouthpiece with a brand new one. Only reuse the tank which has the wick and coil inside.  During this process, we also sanitize the tank before installing brand new mouthpiece. Please check this article about how to refill pod without leak and burnt taste.

4. Why shouldn't I just buy the pods at local store?

There‘s nothing worse than tasting dry to realize that your last pod is empty in bed. That never happens to our Members. We keep them stocked up on pods with the flavor they like so that you don’t need to visit a local store. Your joyful moment will never be interrupted.

5. Pods start to have a burnt taste after 5-10 refills. Do you replace the tanks in these conditions?

Yes. Upon reviewing a tank’s physical appearance, we also check via microscope to see if the wick and coil are burnt. In the case of a burnt wick, we replace the tank with a new one.

6. Is the nicotine level of your oil the same as the original? 5%

Yes. The oil we refill contains  5 percent nicotine, the equivalent to a pack of cigarettes

7. How many flavors I can currently choose?

At this moment, we provide Mango, Cucumber, Mint, Menthol, Berry blend, Fruit, Watermelon, Melon , RY4, Tobacco. We will provide more soon. please tell us what flavor  you like at

8. Are there initialization fee or canceling fees or other hidden fees?

Absolutely not. We firmly believe that the only way to grow our business is to make our Members happy by providing a good service without strings attached. No contracts. No subscriptions. No hard feelings. Plus the shipping is free.

Even if you forget to modify your flavors and quantity for next month, we remind you of the option via email just in case。

9.What if you don't ship any while keep charging me monthly

Please contact your bank to report. Your bank will contact Stripe( our payment service provider) to prove that we have shipped out。All the banks have the right to take your money back to you if we do not show them the proof of shipping thanks to the LAW passed. You are 100% covered.

Abundance of Choices

More to come in the future.

Salt Nic Review

Including all the flavors. Hope you will have a better idea.

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As a college student, money is tight. This really saves me money without sacrificing flavor even my schedule. I drop off the received envelope with empty pods and they come back filled!

Alan Abah

Tastes even better than what I have tried before. Glad I joined the Pod Refill Club!

Anna Dan

This is a personalized service that saves me time. I love it and can’t wait for next month already

Danny Brawn

Join the club of happy customers

Runing out of juice while enjoying it is sad.  You now will always have them at home.  Join this club now to receive free gifts.  

The first nationwide

We are the first company provides the pod refill service.

So that you can have more choices. Help us spread the word 

A note from Robin and Gabe. The guys who start the service

I love making consumer products. did a successful Kickstarter Campaign( BoardUp) , and was a VP of engineer for a high tech company. After throwing away an empty pod, I thought there had to be a way to reduce the waste. After tried many salt nicotine oil and pod mouthpiece from various manufactories, Gabe and I partner with friend Rick, CEO of Apollo Technology Inc. Together, we innovated a way to refill pods and cut back on the carbon footprint of vaping.

If you have any feedback regarding this pod refill service or wish to ask further questions about our service, feel free to reach out directly at It’s our goal to improve our pod refill service and provide you with the best experience possible with a great price. If you don’t love Pod Refill Club, drop me a line and I’d love to hear your feedback and make an improvement.



We are the first company nationwide provides this pod refill monthly service. Help us spread the word.

You must be over the legal smoking age in your state to buy or use any Apollo Electronic Cigarettes product.
CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65: Warning – This product contains nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. 
 Apollo products are not intended for use by persons under the legal smoking age, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or persons with or at risk for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medication for depression or asthma. This product contains nicotine, which is highly addictive and habit forming. If you have a demonstrated allergy or sensitivity to nicotine, propylene glycol, or any combination of inhalants, consult your physician before using any Apollo products. This product is sold purely for recreational purposes. It is not a smoking cessation product and does not treat, diagnose, or cure any disease, physical ailment, or condition. Nicotine can be toxic if inhaled or ingested in large doses and may cause irritation to eyes and skin if exposed. Please wash with soap and water upon contact. Please keep out of the reach of children and pets. For more information, go to

WARNING: This service uses salt nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical