How to refill pods by yourself with no leakage and no oily/burnt taste?

There are many youtube videos and online articles describing ways to refill juul pods. Most of them can only work partially. Either cause oil leak or have oily taste.

Here is the correct way. We verified that. and works fine.

  1. Use a sharp tool like tweezers to push the lids to take the black mouthpiece out.
  2. Pull out the black rubber cap under the mouthpiece using tweezers.
  3. Refill the empty tank with salt nicotine oil to 70% full.
  4. Squeeze the tank with your fingers while putting the rubber cap back to seal. Then release the force. Now the air pressure inside is a bit lower. so that the oil won’t leak.
  5. Roll a piece of paper to form a small stick. put inside the small air chamber in the middle of the tank. It will absorb oil left inside, which can block the air from going out.  So you won’t feel hard to suck the air when you smoke.
  6.  Take out the two cotton filters inside the black plastic mouthpiece, and squeeze them using a paper towel to soak the oil out. Then put them back to the tank.

We discard the mouthpiece with a brand new one and brand new Japan cotton filter.  So it is clean and hygienic. You won’t have an oily taste. Also, we sanitize everything received from you.

Why I taste burnt and how to avoid that?

The reason you taste burnt is that the cotton wick burns if you sucks in air with high strength. Thus the oil won’t be able to soak in fast enough from the tank to the middle of the wick where the burning coil covers. So the coil will burn the dried cotton wick, cause the burnt taste.  The solution is to suck in air in a moderate force. and make sure there are no oil blocks the air chamber.Also use high quality wick.

Why I have oily taste and how to avoid that?

That is because the vapor coming from the burning coil on the bottom of the air chamber will coagulate around the mouthpiece inner wall. because the temperature of the wall is much lower.  Therefore the original pod has two cotton filters inside to filter out the small oil particle.  But if the cotton filter is saturated with oil. You will taste oily.   PodRefillClub replaces your mouthpiece with a brand new one. So you won’t have this issue. 

Here is a video of the best refill practice.


WARNING: This service uses salt nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical