How do I modify my plan later?

When you place an order. The system asked you for the password. and automatically set up an account for you with the first part of your email address as a name.   So you login  with your username and password. then click the subscription menu at the left of the page.  In the subscription list, there is an icon showing ” Modify my plan”.  You can choose a new plan or cancel it as well.  

How long will it take my order to arrive?
It can take about 5-8 business days, and we will send you a Shipping Confirmation email as soon as your order ships.
We partner with the USPS and other major parcel carriers to get your shaving products to you quickly. No matter how you ship, you’ll receive a tracking number in your inbox as soon as your package goes out.
How can you sure the refilled pods I received are ones I shipped out. I don't want to use other people's used pod

When we received your empty pods, we first take off the black mouthpiece, then exam if the wick inside is in brown color, we then discard it. If not, we sanitize it and then refill the flavor salt-nicotine oil based on the flavor form that you choose.  If customers did not ship enough empty pods, don’t worry. We will use new pods to fill the right flavor oil.  After that, we pack them with your shipping label. Therefore, there is no way those pods will be sent to other customers. 



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WARNING: This service uses salt nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical